Buy’em By the Tub

For those who are fans of Trish’s mini donuts at Pier 39 in SF and Universal Studios in LA, you’re already familiar with Trish’s “Buy’em by the bag and buy’em by the bucket” packaging. But soon, customers will be able to buy Trish’s mini donuts in a mini tub as well.


Trish Conklin, owner of Trish’s Dishes which includes Trish’s Mini Donuts, says the increasing demand for her mini donuts caused her to think of creative ways to give her customers more of her favorite sugary, shareable snacks. “The tub is for the fun of it,” says Trish, who was recently featured on Insider’s Food Blog and Facebook page.


Trish recently did a photoshoot of herself in a real life bathtub full of mini donuts in her home in Sonoma county. Real tub, real donuts, real Trish in the tub with donuts. Trish is shown lounging in the sunshine, relaxing and basking in her decadent donuts--3,000 of them to be exact. She says it symbolizes her California dream as a tub full of donuts. Her “donut tub campaign” will be featured soon on social media. You can follow her on instagram at @trishsminidonuts or Like her Facebook page.