Trish & Conko

Who is Trish?

Trish Conklin is a San Francisco based food retail entrepreneur who specializes in mini donuts and novel chocolates in high volume tourist areas like Pier 39 in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf and Universal Studios in Hollywood. 


Operating for over 23 years, Trish now owns and manages six different food retail businesses under her parent company "Trish's Dishes" which include Trish's Mini Donuts, San Francisco Chocolate Store, Sparky's Hollywood Chocolate and Sparky's Mini Donuts, THE HOOK Restaurant at Pier 39, and several Hot Dog-Chowder kiosks in the Bay Area known as "The Dog House". 


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Trish left her family's carnival business, Conklin Shows, to start her own food retail venture in the west coast of America. Since then, she has been met with wild success--

her mini donuts, chocolates, and fish & chips have been positively reviewed by The Eater SF, Insider, and Yelp. Conklin's "Trish's Mini Donuts" store in Pier 39 in particular is a local favorite that has become a fixture in the minds of tourists and native San Franciscans alike. 

Who is Conklin?

Conklin brings her carnival heritage to her current American foods in the form of her logo, "Conko the Clown", which makes a cameo appearance in all of her branding. Trish is looking forward to further expansion in the San Francisco Bay Area.